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2023 Nature Photography is my passion. I hope that the images you find here inspire your hearts. Photography of plantings that reflect the beauty of nature. Independent of human projections.

I have images from 2008 until now, all created naturally by me sourced from images I captured on walks and drives. Contact me for more information on sales or about any content here.

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the really big picture

The next seasons of Star Trek Discovery, Strange New Worlds and Picard are due soon. So, I re-subscribed to Paramount+ (1.99 for first 2 months and 9.99 after that).
I had forgotten a lot of the story lines, but I did enjoy the review. I loved how in Strange New Worlds opening scenes the captain had hooked up with another captain at his ranch in the mountains (snowy, cold, forest, lots of wood and windows) and was called back to work . . . on a starship. I have loved the way that many space programs portray the future is a combination of space travel and life and life on terra firma. The life on terra firma is mostly devoid of the BS we are struggling with now.

Strange New Worlds is an offshoot from Discovery, which saw the USS Discovery gifted by a dying planet the sum knowledge gained from millions of years of traveling the cosmos. Downloaded into the computer of the USS Discovery they instantly became targets for those who would want that knowledge.

A few members of the Discovery used a wormhole to go to the future with the data and others stayed behind. The few episodes covering that were really edge of chair dramatic. Traveling 10,000 years to the future means those you leave you will never see again.

Strange New Worlds is the story of those who were left behind. The whole event was highly classified, and the people could not disclose it just try to fit in while knowing what happened.

When you watch them together you are struck with how big ‘reality’ can be. It can cower you or fill you with hope and wonder at the incredible ‘lack of adjective’ of the universe. Some is theory and some is fact, and some is straight out fiction but still the magnificence of the possibility of it is ‘another lack of adjective’.

I have had a dot.com since the mid 1990’s. I got one to advertise my massage therapy business. I also made brochures and calling cards. I was working on Win95. I found a free program to construct websites WYSIWYG, so code was unnecessary, although I did watch the code to see how it was done. From there I learned the beginning versions of Dreamweaver to tweak my site. I loved Dreamweaver.

In the past when I would contemplate a change in domain hosting or domain name I would get really stressed out and work all nights to make sure everything was tight.

Today, when I canceled my domain, I knew that with the advanced global internet the correct Zenfolio site would be instantly (or almost) brought up in searches. My blog and Pinterest have the correct URLs to my galleries and emails have been fixed, and it will just have to work its way through the search engines.

dot.com. My perception of Capitalism is Conscious Capitalism. dot.com rarely reflects that so I am done with it. I also ran across is list of domain extensions that are new and fresh and would fit a non-commercial website just fine.

The star dust in my body tells me that the larger picture is much, much bigger than the biggest ‘larger picture’ that I can imagine.


Living in the desert. When I take images and go to edit them the whole sharpening process is lengthy. Unlike Arizona and other desert states and areas we have a lot of shrubs that grow in the desert.

Editing them can result in a spiky-too sharp image. Since I take hundreds of them when I am out there my editing settings can be incorrect for other images.

I recently corrected them and re-edited a lot of images not of the desert and in needing adjustments of more sharpening that I would use as a desert image.

Very pleased with the results.

a new day, new month, new year

After the Iraqi war lots of military people came home. Some with serious debilitating injuries, some with mental injuries. All of which came home to diminished pay and very long waits for VA slots for lodging and medical care. Remember, this was the conflict that parents had to send their relatives protective gear because the military did not have enough to go around.

I lived in an apartment complex that housed a lot of home bound military people in the 2000’s. I did not personally experience any pressure to have a contract marriage with any of them. I did however experience an infestation of tenacious fleas who hitched a ride on equipment and bags that were left on the ground before loading them onto planes. Contract marriages did however occur then as now and much longer into the past.

As people are gearing up for life after a pandemic and downturn of military involvement in Afghanistan hopefully the government is aware of the things that need to happen (financial support) to avoid all the past ickness. As some of these articles point out contract marriages are fine with both parties of some marriages. Others, who have been forced in some way into them are not fine with them.

Purple Heart is a movie. Just that. For some women it would be OK. I am single and that is my life and I somehow resent the smarmy over emotion of the movie. Surprised Hallmark didn’t make it. TV is fantasy, sure some of it is a futuristic or historical take on the events of today but mostly fantasy.

Soldiers Shop for new wives

How Common are Military contract marriages

Military contract marriages (I had never heard of the WestPac Widows)

while we have been watching the clowns

I commented recently that if I had voted in the mid-term elections that I would have voted a straight Democratic ticket.

I believe that what saturates the media mostly is the extremism of all political campaigns because all else is boring to the general public so most people are not aware of some of the outstanding things that have happened in both parties that everyone would agree are wonderful.

I also believe that America, as some other countries that tried to adopt one single form of governance has made some serious mistakes that have caused many serious problems in the long run in choosing an almost complete Capitalist society.

I think that food production, healthcare, housing and education should never have been released to a capitalist system. Those are things that are the lifeblood to any society and when they are subject to the whims of shareholders and a public that want to make money off of them and their workings, things go bad quickly. As we have witnessed too many times. Labor unions didn’t come about because someone was bored. They came about because of the greed associated with owners of companies was leading them to abuse their workers.

When you are healthy, have a good roof over your head and are educated you can work and afford all the things that go inside a house. The clothes on your back and the things some consider extras should not be extras at all. Just things you can afford in your life that are marketed in a capitalist way because your basic needs are not costing you all of your income. When everything in your life from your healthcare to the food you eat is subject to the greed of other people life can be miserable, as we are aware of.

One of the news articles from the last few days was for child labor violations from Packers Sanitation Services, Inc. ( Guardian.com ) who had supplied underage workers for their contract services for JBS (JBS USA Holdings, Inc.) ( JBS Holdings )

Another issue that is related to the meat processing industry is that garners a lot of anti-semitism is this one in Iowa. ( Times of Israel – Postville/ ) and Postville Raid Wikipedia. This has been resolved but when it was active it created a lot of anti-semitism and anti-Democratic sentiment. Had they been manufacturing couches and dining room tables instead of a HU necessity it never would have happened.

When I read about both companies (JBS and PSSI), I can’t help but feel that their industries should never have been released to a Capitalist system.

I am fully aware that registering a complaint without a solution is frowned upon, but I have no solution for this as it seemingly entrenched but possibly going forward it can be fixed. For the earth and its inhabitants, it needs to be fixed/changed.

I pay for my blog service. In light of that I have photography and some current events posted.


I rarely check my SPAM mail. Today I did and found that I had two PayPal receipts in it. Since it took a little time to construct these I thought I would do the same and post them.

no more pile on’s

I was a massage therapist for 13 years starting 1993. My principal teacher had previously been an ER nurse and had been involved in a cult in a different state, so she was intuitively familiar with some more dramatic life situations. She also had taken the vow of the bodhisattva and was a licensed Doula.

Classes were on weekends. Friday evenings to Sunday evenings. The location was 70 miles from my apartment so sometimes I slept over. I was still working full time, just divorced, parents had just died, and my corporate job was going away. It was a stressful time.

After the first month we came in one Friday and all we did that evening was to take turns sharing what was going on in our lives. All of it, lots of tears and emotion. It was wrenching for most of us and to my surprise all were going through similar (or worse) experiences. After we were through late in the evening she called for pizza, and we had a great dinner with some wine and beer. The next morning when we started work and when it was time to work on each other it was a whole new experience. We all carried a new understanding of and compassion for each other. It was a compassion that she also encouraged us to have with our future clients.

I don’t like the thought of having to continually talk about those times in my life that have been scary, hard, harrowing and just plain awful. I have dealt with those situations, and it takes me out of the present. It is bad that people online are being lied to and agitated simply to fuel the money and anger needs of others.

We have all hurt, lost people, been abused and suffered. Some of us choose not to live the memory of that daily so that we can mold today in something pleasurable.

end of year cleaning house

My galleries have been better organized and tightened up, so to speak. Any fool knows that Japan is a beautiful country but still suffers from its humanity and daily works on its Kaizen at its own pace. There is organized crime and problems that stem from a hurried society etc. Still, like all other countries it has many beautiful things to admire. Japanese language is one I have chosen to describe my photography as it well describes photography in general. I have found the descriptions add a depth to images and also adds a dimension to my process for shooting photography.

The Gallery page has been consolidated and all galleries at my site are accessible from that page. Finishing that last night was a huge sigh of relief.

Kietsu 喜悦 is joy, pleasure, happiness, enjoyment, enjoying – This gallery contains Soft, Pollinators and Delight galleries.

Shashin – shashin – 写真 (しゃしん) : a noun meaning ‘photo’, ‘snap’, or ‘picture’ in Japanese. This can also work as plural. These two kanji characters literally mean a copy of the truth. So, in the Japanese language, photos are considered as copies of the truth. – This gallery contains Flowers, Landscapes and Food galleries.

Kaizen (改善) is a Japanese word that means “renew for good.” While it’s sometimes translated into English as “continuous improvement,” in business, “kaizen” (as it’s also often written in English) refers to refining business processes to raise quality standards, cut costs, and reduce wasted time. – This gallery was my portfolio gallery. Here it will escape the mindless relentless drive for perfection and instead be filled with the images that I strive to do better, not to the ignorance of all else in my life, just doing it a little better than before.

Komorebi 木漏れ日 (pronounced kō-mō-leh-bē) Literally, “sunlight leaking through trees,” this word describes the beauty and wonder of rays of light dappling through overhead leaves, casting dancing shadows on the plants below. – This gallery has many images of plants underneath tree cover that get that wonderful light.

Hanami (花見, “flower viewing”) is the Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the transient beauty of flowers; flowers (花, hana) in this case almost always refer to those of the cherry (桜, sakura) or, less frequently, plum (梅, ume) trees. – These are images of all the prunus plants in the area. We live in a desert and the beautiful displays of Plum and Cherry trees do not happen here but there are some that grow individually.

Itadakimasu (and its dictionary form itadaku 頂くいただ ) comes from Japan’s roots in Buddhism, which teaches respect for all living things. This thinking extends to mealtime in the form of thanks to the plants, animals, farmers, hunters, chefs, and everything that went into the meal. – This gallery is food and I love the thought behind this word.

yama – 山 (やま) : a noun meaning ‘mountain’, ‘hill’, or ‘peak’ in Japanese. This can also work as plural. Sometimes it is used as a metaphor for a highly important part like a climax, highlight, or critical situation. – Mountains we do have a lot of here and they are in this gallery.

The Japanese concept of Ma is something that relates to all aspects of life. It has been described as a pause in time, an interval or emptiness in space. Ma is the fundamental time and space from which life needs to grow. Space for the Japanese psyche directly impacts the individual’s progress. These principles are universal, when applied effectively they enhance the way one thinks and how one engages with one’s surroundings. Japanese can visually identify with the meaning of Ma from its kanji symbol. Ma combines door 門 and sun 日. Together these two characters depict a door through the crevice of which the sunlight peeps in 間. – The pause in images.

屋外 Okugai outdoor, outdoors, outside, open-air, al fresco. – This is all of the wonderful open spaces and outdoors.

Galleries on a theme are: Fine Art, Cream, Arrange Flower Prints, Minimal & Modern, Macros, Abstract, Cactus & Agave, Winter, Infrared, Flowers, Monochrome, West Texas Poppies, Illustrations, Nursery Plants and Chasing Light Book.

Yearly Besties are: 2022, 2021, 2020 and 2019 Besties.

Archives are images from these years (2019, 2020, 2021, 2023) that were not used in the above galleries. There are still plenty more to be found and edited.


Kaizen (改善) is a Japanese word that means “renew for good.” While it’s sometimes translated into English as “continuous improvement,” in business, “kaizen” (as it’s also often written in English) refers to refining business processes to raise quality standards, cut costs, and reduce wasted time.

End of the year change is afoot on my gallery site. I came across several names for ideograms in Japanese and thought they would work well.

So, I have changed my site and the names of some galleries that feature images of specific directions. I have also included definitions of the words since we are all (including me) literate in Japanese.

I had used “The Work” as a collection name. I knew that it was a name of interest in Gurdjieffian philosophy. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of Mr. Gurdjieff or his philosophy but for his faithful hearing the words “the work” is an instant connection that I did not wish to present. I would have like to have caught it earlier.

Renew for Good. That is what all of our bodies do a night when we sleep. It is something I strive for without being obsessive about it. When you pick a gallery of what you perceive to be your best work that is what you are doing.

Pretzel Math

I have been keeping my clothing in various cubes since I moved in. The search for a dresser or armoire for them came to a close last month. I had been searching for cane front armoires for a long time and the search had begun to look gamed. So, I just took a day out when it seemed like the trolls were busy elsewhere. I found a beautiful dresser at Conns and had revolving money there, so I purchased it. I love it. Perfect height for me, drawers are lined and smooth the color is good and the style is a little rustic Chinese. I changed out the drawer pulls to some oriental one that I already had. Very pleased with it. All of my foldable clothes and more fit into it.

However, I should have delayed the purchase until mid-month in order to put the monthly payment on a different payday. They were sold out of a lot of their bedroom furniture so I thought it might be better to do it sooner rather than later. I assumed I could change the due dates on some other bills as easily as other places (NETFLIX) is a great example of this. I was completely wrong there.

I called all credit cards that had due dates before the 15th. One, Fortiva, issued from the Bank of Missouri has pretzeled their response. I received a letter from them weeks after I called, and they declined to change the due date because there was a past due amount on the bill. The past due was from a fee renewal charge which made the bill overlimit, then a charge for the overlimit and then a fee for the late payment. I will get it sorted out this month. However, my relationship with Fortiva will be this going forward. Paid off and not used because it will cost me my winter and spring garden bulbs and plants to straighten it out.

I also came across this in Investopedia, https://www.investopedia.com/fortiva-credit-card-review-4844739. I was concerned with the high interest rates and fees when I first got the card, but I did not realize how user friendly it was not. Trying to log on to the Fortiva website today it is locked up and has a popup about sending a text or email code when never sends so it is impossible to access your account in.

Last, but not least, I have done some reading at Investopedia and found it to be full of good information, which, going forward, I’ll take advantage of.

Superhero – I am not Tara

I am not Tara. I do not continually incarnate as female to help humanity. I don’t disagree that she might be out there, but it is not me.

I think when humanity clings to these ideas of superheros it has a problem evolving.

The beings who were once Tara might have evolved to a plant of existence where their assistance is different from what was written about them in ancient times that we keep recanting.

In order to keep reincarnating as a specific being to help humanity then humanity has to not evolve in order for the need to be there for them to keep incarnating.

We have all the data we need to evolve into the world that most of the inhabitants would like to see and live in. We are just not doing it.

Buddhism is no different from any of the western religions. By holding on to specific parts and practices it is hard to move forward.