Feed Your Head

NOT, like my favorite singer (Grace Slick) of the 70’s did it, but rather allowing an un-drugged mind full access to the wonderful knowledge passed down from other people.

I have watched some good documentaries lately. Sir David Attenborough is wonderful. He makes a good case for a sea change in our thinking.

Water conservation is critical to our survival. I have known about the data in the third video for awhile. Rather than just determine how to fix something we finger point for awhile first.

After watching, I thought about what I could do. I have not owned a car since 2008. I became a vegetarian in 1983 but added fish in the 1990’s for a health reason. I lived here, El Paso, Texas when Deepak Chopra and John Robbins (son of Baskin Robbins founder) spoke to large crowds of health minded people at UTEP. A wonderful woman opened a vegetarian restaurant that served much more than Iceberg Lettuce salads. There were two food co-op’s and one farm that sold shares for delivery of produce.

That is mostly gone but the mindset that nudged many people to a healthier lifestyle survives, and many regular restaurants will edit an order to suit a vegetarian or vegan.

This past year was interesting. In my mid-twenties I could not imagine life here after 30 years. 30 years old found me oriental dancing and generally loving my life. My 70’s will be a time to really trim some things down and radically expand others. Both at my choice.

I have used LYFT, UBER, Instacart and Walmart+ to get around and order groceries and have them delivered. Occasionally I use the other meal delivery services, but I cannot usually afford to order a single meal for 20.00↑ (except pizza, of course).

I have reduced my porch garden at my front door to 4 pots. Two with live plants and two with artificial plants. If artificial plants make you cringe thinking about how they looked years ago you need to rethink. AFloral is amazing and they are on AMAZON also (as are many brands with beautiful artificials). In order to protect early spring transplants in my back porch large planter, I found that tucking in some artificial plants around them gives them a leg-up on growth and protects them from scorching sunlight. It also allows the water to go only to one or two plants and the soil lasts much longer with nutrients.

I have also trimmed down my houseplants and used the artificial greenery in some inside plants.

I still absolutely have live plants and will continue to do so, and I am not cutting back on them with the illusion that houseplants are causing water shortages.

My “business” of course has been demoted to a hobby and I am really, really good with that. I have several projects that I am working on to keep me busy. Life is good.