Superhero – I am not Tara

I am not Tara. I do not continually incarnate as female to help humanity. I don’t disagree that she might be out there, but it is not me.

I think when humanity clings to these ideas of superheros it has a problem evolving.

The beings who were once Tara might have evolved to a plant of existence where their assistance is different from what was written about them in ancient times that we keep recanting.

In order to keep reincarnating as a specific being to help humanity then humanity has to not evolve in order for the need to be there for them to keep incarnating.

We have all the data we need to evolve into the world that most of the inhabitants would like to see and live in. We are just not doing it.

Buddhism is no different from any of the western religions. By holding on to specific parts and practices it is hard to move forward.