Pretzel Math

I have been keeping my clothing in various cubes since I moved in. The search for a dresser or armoire for them came to a close last month. I had been searching for cane front armoires for a long time and the search had begun to look gamed. So, I just took a day out when it seemed like the trolls were busy elsewhere. I found a beautiful dresser at Conns and had revolving money there, so I purchased it. I love it. Perfect height for me, drawers are lined and smooth the color is good and the style is a little rustic Chinese. I changed out the drawer pulls to some oriental one that I already had. Very pleased with it. All of my foldable clothes and more fit into it.

However, I should have delayed the purchase until mid-month in order to put the monthly payment on a different payday. They were sold out of a lot of their bedroom furniture so I thought it might be better to do it sooner rather than later. I assumed I could change the due dates on some other bills as easily as other places (NETFLIX) is a great example of this. I was completely wrong there.

I called all credit cards that had due dates before the 15th. One, Fortiva, issued from the Bank of Missouri has pretzeled their response. I received a letter from them weeks after I called, and they declined to change the due date because there was a past due amount on the bill. The past due was from a fee renewal charge which made the bill overlimit, then a charge for the overlimit and then a fee for the late payment. I will get it sorted out this month. However, my relationship with Fortiva will be this going forward. Paid off and not used because it will cost me my winter and spring garden bulbs and plants to straighten it out.

I also came across this in Investopedia, I was concerned with the high interest rates and fees when I first got the card, but I did not realize how user friendly it was not. Trying to log on to the Fortiva website today it is locked up and has a popup about sending a text or email code when never sends so it is impossible to access your account in.

Last, but not least, I have done some reading at Investopedia and found it to be full of good information, which, going forward, I’ll take advantage of.