Kaizen (改善) is a Japanese word that means “renew for good.” While it’s sometimes translated into English as “continuous improvement,” in business, “kaizen” (as it’s also often written in English) refers to refining business processes to raise quality standards, cut costs, and reduce wasted time.

End of the year change is afoot on my gallery site. I came across several names for ideograms in Japanese and thought they would work well.

So, I have changed my site and the names of some galleries that feature images of specific directions. I have also included definitions of the words since we are all (including me) literate in Japanese.

I had used “The Work” as a collection name. I knew that it was a name of interest in Gurdjieffian philosophy. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of Mr. Gurdjieff or his philosophy but for his faithful hearing the words “the work” is an instant connection that I did not wish to present. I would have like to have caught it earlier.

Renew for Good. That is what all of our bodies do a night when we sleep. It is something I strive for without being obsessive about it. When you pick a gallery of what you perceive to be your best work that is what you are doing.