a new day, new month, new year

After the Iraqi war lots of military people came home. Some with serious debilitating injuries, some with mental injuries. All of which came home to diminished pay and very long waits for VA slots for lodging and medical care. Remember, this was the conflict that parents had to send their relatives protective gear because the military did not have enough to go around.

I lived in an apartment complex that housed a lot of home bound military people in the 2000’s. I did not personally experience any pressure to have a contract marriage with any of them. I did however experience an infestation of tenacious fleas who hitched a ride on equipment and bags that were left on the ground before loading them onto planes. Contract marriages did however occur then as now and much longer into the past.

As people are gearing up for life after a pandemic and downturn of military involvement in Afghanistan hopefully the government is aware of the things that need to happen (financial support) to avoid all the past ickness. As some of these articles point out contract marriages are fine with both parties of some marriages. Others, who have been forced in some way into them are not fine with them.

Purple Heart is a movie. Just that. For some women it would be OK. I am single and that is my life and I somehow resent the smarmy over emotion of the movie. Surprised Hallmark didn’t make it. TV is fantasy, sure some of it is a futuristic or historical take on the events of today but mostly fantasy.

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