while we have been watching the clowns

I commented recently that if I had voted in the mid-term elections that I would have voted a straight Democratic ticket.

I believe that what saturates the media mostly is the extremism of all political campaigns because all else is boring to the general public so most people are not aware of some of the outstanding things that have happened in both parties that everyone would agree are wonderful.

I also believe that America, as some other countries that tried to adopt one single form of governance has made some serious mistakes that have caused many serious problems in the long run in choosing an almost complete Capitalist society.

I think that food production, healthcare, housing and education should never have been released to a capitalist system. Those are things that are the lifeblood to any society and when they are subject to the whims of shareholders and a public that want to make money off of them and their workings, things go bad quickly. As we have witnessed too many times. Labor unions didn’t come about because someone was bored. They came about because of the greed associated with owners of companies was leading them to abuse their workers.

When you are healthy, have a good roof over your head and are educated you can work and afford all the things that go inside a house. The clothes on your back and the things some consider extras should not be extras at all. Just things you can afford in your life that are marketed in a capitalist way because your basic needs are not costing you all of your income. When everything in your life from your healthcare to the food you eat is subject to the greed of other people life can be miserable, as we are aware of.

One of the news articles from the last few days was for child labor violations from Packers Sanitation Services, Inc. ( Guardian.com ) who had supplied underage workers for their contract services for JBS (JBS USA Holdings, Inc.) ( JBS Holdings )

Another issue that is related to the meat processing industry is that garners a lot of anti-semitism is this one in Iowa. ( Times of Israel – Postville/ ) and Postville Raid Wikipedia. This has been resolved but when it was active it created a lot of anti-semitism and anti-Democratic sentiment. Had they been manufacturing couches and dining room tables instead of a HU necessity it never would have happened.

When I read about both companies (JBS and PSSI), I can’t help but feel that their industries should never have been released to a Capitalist system.

I am fully aware that registering a complaint without a solution is frowned upon, but I have no solution for this as it seemingly entrenched but possibly going forward it can be fixed. For the earth and its inhabitants, it needs to be fixed/changed.

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