Feed Your Head

NOT, like my favorite singer (Grace Slick) of the 70’s did it, but rather allowing an un-drugged mind full access to the wonderful knowledge passed down from other people.

I have watched some good documentaries lately. Sir David Attenborough is wonderful. He makes a good case for a sea change in our thinking.

Water conservation is critical to our survival. I have known about the data in the third video for awhile. Rather than just determine how to fix something we finger point for awhile first.

After watching, I thought about what I could do. I have not owned a car since 2008. I became a vegetarian in 1983 but added fish in the 1990’s for a health reason. I lived here, El Paso, Texas when Deepak Chopra and John Robbins (son of Baskin Robbins founder) spoke to large crowds of health minded people at UTEP. A wonderful woman opened a vegetarian restaurant that served much more than Iceberg Lettuce salads. There were two food co-op’s and one farm that sold shares for delivery of produce.

That is mostly gone but the mindset that nudged many people to a healthier lifestyle survives, and many regular restaurants will edit an order to suit a vegetarian or vegan.

This past year was interesting. In my mid-twenties I could not imagine life here after 30 years. 30 years old found me oriental dancing and generally loving my life. My 70’s will be a time to really trim some things down and radically expand others. Both at my choice.

I have used LYFT, UBER, Instacart and Walmart+ to get around and order groceries and have them delivered. Occasionally I use the other meal delivery services, but I cannot usually afford to order a single meal for 20.00↑ (except pizza, of course).

I have reduced my porch garden at my front door to 4 pots. Two with live plants and two with artificial plants. If artificial plants make you cringe thinking about how they looked years ago you need to rethink. AFloral is amazing and they are on AMAZON also (as are many brands with beautiful artificials). In order to protect early spring transplants in my back porch large planter, I found that tucking in some artificial plants around them gives them a leg-up on growth and protects them from scorching sunlight. It also allows the water to go only to one or two plants and the soil lasts much longer with nutrients.

I have also trimmed down my houseplants and used the artificial greenery in some inside plants.

I still absolutely have live plants and will continue to do so, and I am not cutting back on them with the illusion that houseplants are causing water shortages.

My “business” of course has been demoted to a hobby and I am really, really good with that. I have several projects that I am working on to keep me busy. Life is good.


Admittedly my experience creating or constructing them is limited to small round coasters that I made in summer bible school.

I am constantly amazed by the wealth of art that is present on this planet.

It would be nice to think that all the past works of art will someday stand with works of art being constructed today. That they will be protected and held in the awe that they deserve to be held in weather they are unearthed in a Palestinian olive grove or created by modern artisans and placed in home and buildings that will showcase them. The first below was created by Byzantine artists and the second by modern artists.

I know how hard I worked on those little drink coasters and when I look at this, I’m amazed.

The scuba breakfast lady was created by artisans at http://www.artaic.com, granted, using modern equipment but artisans, nonetheless. I think in my kitchen I would have a merman!


The world is my oyster. In the constant rub with beige vs colors there is another contender.

oyster. I love it. It is not beige, white, gray or light brown. It is a color and hue onto its own. In my empty apartment the first large purchase was a loveseat. It was bought on credit and paid off later in the year in the tax refund. It is oyster. Depending how the light hits it the color changes. It looks different in daylight, lamplight or dusk.

As you can see oyster is all over the place in hues. Beige it is not. It is not a restaurant either. It is a soft warm color that can be used with almost any other color. Even white, which brings out the grey and brown tones.

The world is full of such beautiful colors that it is a shame to squabble over tones.


I have created a retro gallery. I love the old travel postcards from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. The colors were saturated and interesting without being screechy. Many of the older ones were colorized and hand painted on black and white images. The blues ran to CYAN mostly and reds and oranges were subdued.

For some I have used the digital version of Adox Color Implosion. This was a film that was created in Germany to mimic the colors of the past printing. I found that CYAN snow was unappealing to me.

For others I have used a custom edit to soften some colors and highlight others.

Most of them are panoramic and desert views.

These are 2022 Retro. The images are current, but the film style is older

Nature Alive

This book is dedicated to my father.

He grew up in a rural area and was bullied for most of his young life. His teachers sent him home early daily to avoid the bullies that would follow him and beat him up.

He wanted to be a teacher to help elevate minds so that little rural boys and girls would be above that kind of behavior. So, he did and went back to teach in the one room schoolhouse that he attended.

When WWII broke out he enlisted in the NAVY. After he was released he settled in El Paso, Texas. He met my mom and married. They were both in their 30’s when they had me. Having come from really large families they decided to just have one child.

He alternated between teaching and selling encyclopedias. Both were very important to him. He was not an activist that carried signs and marched in events. His activism was in his daily life. When he was teaching, he got up every day and went to school and spent the day doing his job and working with kids. When he saw that some needed assistance, he made that possible. He ate lunch in the classroom and stood by the dish return and sent them back to finish their food if they had not eaten. He got up on the weekend and went to all the games that were being played for his school. He was there for his students because he knew how important it was for them to see and know that he was there for them. On a daily basis. No outward activism, just the way he lived his life.

well OK

The propensity of humanity to kill and destroy other humans in atrocities, genocides, wars and violence is dangerous to the whole planet. It has existed since the dawn of time and no one color or race has a monopoly on it despite what some would have you think. If you don’t believe me search for history of atrocities, history of genocides and war violence online.

If we do not find our way past these instincts, we will destroy ourselves and the planet. If we continue to focus on the effects of past genocides instead of finding a way to prevent future ones that seem to be ingrained in our behavior, we will destroy this beautiful planet and lose our place in the stars. We will forever be one of the “do not touch” planets in the galaxy. Observe but do not get involved with them. Laws against the behavior that precipitates them will only go so far.

I, for one do not want to see that happen and my mental space is directed towards the end of our reliance on violence and the directing of life here to a better place.

If I wanted to, I could fill my blog, website and social media with dissent, violence and pictures of past and current horrors, both societal and planetary and what passes for activism in this day and age. I refuse to do that. There is much good under way, and I choose to highlight that.

loose clothing

Many Zen Buddhist leaders have struggled with alcoholism, and a few have committed suicide over it. Drama has never been short in any religious or philosophical tradition and Buddhists were not exempt.

Chögyam Trungpa was a Tibetan Buddhism teacher that wanted his students to wear tight clothing. His reasoning was that in tight clothing the tendency toward sloppiness in your activities would be checked. Most likely his dependance on alcohol created some drama in his personal life and he wanted to be tested in this way to help him clean up his act. So, he wanted his students in tight clothes to test himself.

The lymphatic drainage system is close to the surface of the skin. Wearing constant tight clothing hampers the movement of that to drain out of the body blocking it and can create swollen lymph nodes.

Wearing clothing to exercise in that is tight in the crotch is not really very good. For men keeping the testicles cool means healthier sperm and for women it means less bacterial and fungal infections, chaffing and smell.

Traditionally Yoga, Tai Chi, Kung Fu and other martial arts was done in clothing that allowed the body skin to breathe and did not hold sweat and bacteria next to the skin for extended periods of time.

Using workout equipment with loose legs, ankles and sleeves can be a hazard but there are many pants and tops available with tapered ends.

Men’s yoga class
Tai Chi, Chi Kung or Kung Fu clothes for women

This is not some type of over modesty thing. Allowing the body free movement and air circulation while exercising is important in a health way also.

When I used to walk through neighborhoods to photograph, I always wore pants that were non-binding and comfortable so that I could crouch down and squat to take images. Now that I don’t do that, I still buy leggings 3x bigger than my pant size to have the same comfort level.


What is current?

2019. August 6.

I have finished/am close to finishing my last archive upload at my gallery site. http://www.pamkelso.com

Is it a business or hobby?

I used to get so irritated, incensed and insulted by people calling it a hobby who wanted me to spend $$$$$$ on overhead to sell work that was not selling. Capitalism (although I ran my massage business as a CO-OP) I always said and then an earth mover dumped every ridiculous, demeaning, stupid piece of merchandise in my in-box. Big Mouth Billy Bass was an outstanding example of the shining goodness and joys of Capitalism. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Mouth_Billy_Bass Thanks to Billy, I really got it through my head that much of things that were sold in a capitalistic way was not much of anything I would want to buy. On the other hand, Socialism had its own set of silly business practices. Like the insane amount of competition to just have a noodle shop on the corner or some other small business.

It has been 22 years (48 to 70 sort of brings it home better) since I had a successful Massage Therapy Business. There were no spin-offs, no marketing TV, no franchises. Just a Massage Therapy Business. By the time I closed I was taking $850-900 home weekly. It was a tremendous amount of work. The 14% self-employment tax was not a worry with income like that. Now, it would be a concern. The work I did to push a photography business into a sale quality was an equally tremendous amount of work, with different results.

I am not a sacrificial person. I am not willing to sacrifice the life I have now to ramp it up and continue photography at the pace I was doing massage or my early photography years.

So, yes, it IS a hobby. I have absolutely no negative feelings about that. My work is still for sale as digital downloads. I create the nature photography and you can decide how you want to present it. I still have cards I will sell and possibly small prints.

Being a gear head, loving cameras and taking amazing photos is not going anywhere. Selling them as digital downloads is not going anywhere. The idea of being a formal small business is long gone.

my spooks

I have been married to 3 army men. One enlisted and two spooks. When my first husband brought home HPV it ended my Pollyanna outlook on humanity. Pollyana and Optimism are not the same thing. I am an optimistic person. It was treated and cured, thank you.

Thanks to the spooks in my life when something dreadful happens, I take a few steps back and try to see the whole thing before getting hyped up about it.

The fact that people have been actively meeting and planning a way to reverse the freedom for women to have an abortion in the USA since 1973 tells me a few other things.

I now wonder how connected the prolife movement is to Al Qaeda.
I wonder how many staunch prolife people are employed at banks and credit card institutions.

That second wonder is important.

This bank recently changed its name to BREAD. Really? bread? Based in Colorado in light of all of the other odd things flowing out of Colorado it makes me wonder what might be crawling out of NORAD at night.

Then, I go on with my day and create some beautiful artwork, but it is still food for thought and possibly concern at a federal level.

Oh and, getting bank statements in the mail and card statements in the mail is good even though you pay online is redundant, but good.